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Paul Bergman took charge of Promo Supply Network in 2020 as a way to give back to an industry he has called home for over 15 years. Although the company started out hosting a digital catalogue program in 2019, Paul had other plans for 2020. The catalogue program was acquired by the Australasia Promotional Products Association (APPA) in June 2020 and can still be accessed by visiting their website. 

Paul decided to continue his education with a specific focus in digital media and develop a system for sharing that information within the promotional products industry. Below are a few of the courses he has taken and as this program grows you'll find more and more information being shared at www.promosupplynetwork.com.au. We launch monthly newsletters, online workshops and maintain a blog dedicated to tips, tricks and important updates. 

"2020 has been a whirlwind and has really opened my eyes. I love learning and I love helping people and that's my goal moving forward."  - Paul Bergman

Paul has been working with small to medium sized businesses as a digital media consultant since the change over in 2020, with a recent expansion outside of the promotional sector. Our team is lean, but is incredibly dedicated to the success of our clients. Online workshops are provided at no cost, and our team is always available to answer questions via email.

Continued Learning & Coursework

Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market 2020 (Currently in progress)

Exploring how entrepreneurs match promising technology with customer needs to launch successful new business. Analyzing real-world examples and applying critical thinking to commercialize technologies while learning about the venture creation process.

Digital Branding & Engagement 2020 (Currently in progress)

This course explored the shift in today's interconnected, hyper-aware digital world and how it has altered the way brands communicate with their audiences. Addressing the challenges of managing a digital brand and how rich and compelling content, combined with digital distribution, are integral to brand engagement.

Writing for Social Media 2020

People use social media to convey information, express a point of view, and tell a story. This course included genres for social media writing, understanding how to link content with context and purpose, while learning how to write more effectively to targeted audiences within different social media platforms like Instagram, Linked In and Facebook.

Email Automation & Email Marketing 2020

This course focused on developing email campaigns and creating different layers of automation to ensure your email campaigns stay working long after they are sent. Evaluating success rates and engagement of your email marketing campaigns and making improvements through advanced marketing strategies.

Media Release Writing 2020

A press release is among the most powerful marketing tools available to your business. This course covered building conversations around product/services with a soundly structured press release that has news value, compelling insights and well-placed search engine keywords.

Instagram for Business Growth 2020

This course covered creating lasting impressions, generating attention and long-term brand awareness in Instagram. The instructor was Dot Lung, self-proclaimed Mother of Social Media Dragons, who has helped develop digital marketing strategies for clients such as OFFF Festival, Wix, Sonar, and Facebook.

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