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About  Our CEO Paul Bergman

Paul Bergman launched Promo Supply Network to give back to an industry he has called home for over 16 years. The company started out hosting a digital catalog program, which was later acquired by the Australasia Promotional Products Association (APPA). Promo Supply Network then shifted its focus to helping businesses create connections and personalized customer experiences through email automation and social media.

"2020 has been a whirlwind and has opened my eyes. I love learning, and I love helping people, and that's my goal moving forward."

- Paul Bergman

Paul loves to learn and knows that staying current in a fast-moving world like social media requires an ongoing dedication to education. During the lockdowns in 2020, Paul dedicated all of his free time to coursework. He has completed courses on email automation and social media through internationally recognized universities like the Berkely University of California, Curtin University of Technology, and The University of Sydney. He has also completed Facebook's Blueprint courses and has been certified through the platform as an expert in social media and online advertising. 

When he is not working with clients, Paul is either in class or writing. He is a standing author/journalist for APPA's industry publication "Promotional Products Marketing Magazine." You can access links to his articles and course certificates by visiting his LinkedIn profile online.
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Customer Testimonials:

"Paul is an amazing person to work with, he is always 5 steps ahead of me which is amazing. He is dedicated, passionate and totally committed to what ever he is working on. He is a key asset to our business and got me and the company through the Covid down turn. He literally worked through the night with building a new website and e commerce store ! He looks after all our social media, website, EDM’s and all marketing. A small example is Today he saw an article that was in an industry magazine, he was so excited and rang me to tell me about it. I said oh cool, he said ...... you need to celebrate it and then...... 5 minutes later he posted in all my social media with an amazing write up. Thank you Paul for everything you do "

- NSW Promotional Distributor


"I have worked with Paul for many years and have always found him to be responsive, proactive and thorough in all that he does. He is a "go to" person to ensure things get done - and correctly. He is well known, and well respected, in our industry. "

- NSW Promotional Distributor


"Paul handles all of our digital media, from web graphics and layout to SEO, social media while also assisting all of our outside sales reps with their social media needs. We have worked with him for many years and have always had an outstanding experience. Highly recommended. "

- California Promotional Supplier