The digital world evolves at the speed of light which can be overwhelming at times. One of the goals our team has set is to
stay as "tuned in" as possible. We are constantly learning and participate in classes/webinars/courses/programs every month.
In order to share this information we create workshops around everything we learn. Workshops are scheduled based on interest which means that there are no preset dates.


Register below and you'll be notified when a group has been created for the workshop you're interested in.
Workshops are approximately 30 min.

Online Workshops

Client Profile.jpg

Before we can think outside of it, we need to understand exactly what is inside the box. In this workshop we'll take a look at client profiling and "tagging". Learn to map out your current client list and determine who is buying what and when. Work towards building a profiling system where your clients tell you what you should be advertising and promoting.

Client Profiling

Facebook Layering.jpg

Join us as we take a closer look into Facebook ad/post layering. Learn how to design and target a specific audience. Boosting posts and advertising on Facebook can be incredibly powerful when done correctly. In this workshop you'll learn about how layering works and how to implement it immediately in all of your online ads and boosted posts.

Facebook Ad Layering

Email Marketing.jpg

Explore different ways to build and setup an email campaign. Learn about the importance of tagging, automation, and tracking click through. We'll discuss segmented email campaigns, targeted marketing, automated and personal follow up tactics, and how to gather information from your clients that will help improve your future email campaigns.

Email Marketing

Press Releases.jpg

In this workshop we'll talk about the importance of incorporating press releases into your marketing strategy and how to structure an effective release. We'll also explore how to get your press releases in front of editors and how to leverage posted releases within your social media platforms.

Press Releases


Explore the top trending social platforms and understand how to effectively communicate within them. Develop your brand identity inside each platform and learn how to include content, context and purpose into everything you post. We'll also look at tracking engagement and review what goals you should be setting for success in social media.

Using Social Media

Email Marketing.jpg

Tips and tricks for building social media posts, email campaigns, web banners, and marketing material. We'll take a look at free and/or low cost resources available online that you can start using today. Creating content doesn't have to be a headache and once you tap into the network of help online you'll be doing it in half the time.

Online Resources

Online Resources