• Paul Bergman

Developing Relationships Through Email Automation.

Have you sent out the same marketing email to everyone on your list? Emails full of products you were trying to push, regardless of who the recipient was? At some point, past or present, we can all say we've been guilty of this.

But instead of sending mass emails out about what products you want your customers to purchase, what about letting clients get to know you? What is it your company stands for? What insight and experience can you provide? What makes you different? How can you help them right now, today? By positioning yourself as an expert and creating a system that provides value (without any expectations), you can let customers experience what makes you great without the pressure of a sales pitch.

Let's look at an example with two possible scenarios, one with strategic automation and one without.

You have a prospective client that you've added to your email list, and you don't know all of the details about them just yet, but you do know they order merchandise for a few different trade shows each year.

Scenario one: They start receiving your mass emails with products that may or may not have anything to do with trade shows. In this scenario, there is no strategic automation in place, and they'll continue to receive these types of emails every week/month. This scenario is the "all in" approach where the same email is sent to everyone, and there is no email chain (no two emails tell a connected story).

Scenario two: You have a strategy in place for event-based prospects with an automated series of emails to properly introduce yourself as an expert. First, they receive an email offering them a guide to the best products used at trade shows (something they can download and keep). Followed by an email with some examples of successful trade show merchandise your company has produced (along with some testimonials). And then maybe a free info-graphic on the next email illustrating how to plan their ordering, so products arrive in time for the show.

Which scenario do you think will yield the best results?

Marketing automation is powerful, enabling you to create a value-added experience that lets prospects get to know and trust you.

Use it well!