• Paul Bergman

Building Your Own Private Search Engine With Google.

Create a private search engine with all your favourite suppliers and say goodbye to countless hours of jumping back and forth between websites.

Google's Programmable Search Engine allows you to create a customised search engine where you decide what sites to include. At first glance, the program appears to be designed for adding Google search to your site, but after closer investigation, the system allows you to target any website/s you'd like. As far as we can tell, there is no limit to the number of sites listed, potentially allowing you to select all your favourite suppliers.

We decided to test the engine and see what was possible. We entered six suppliers, made a few adjustments to search parameters, and tried searching for something as simple as a blue bottle.

It took a little tweaking, and we highly suggest utilising the image search feature, but overall the custom search engine looks pretty promising.

Have a customer asking for a blue bottle? Bamboo bag? Metal pen? Once you have programmed in your "goto" suppliers, you're all set. Google will search exclusively through the websites you have listed and come back with matching images and information.

As a bonus, this customised search box can be embedded onto your website, and there's even API integration available.

Definitely worth exploring. Enjoy!