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Promo Supply Network is an agency dedicated to helping small businesses connect with their customers through email automation. Our team will help create multi-layered email campaigns through automation platforms to create a personalized experience that will help convert interested prospects into paying customers.


The first step to setting up an effective email strategy is understanding who you are talking to. Our team will start by exploring your primary audience and defining any secondary audiences that may be present. Your customer's journey is a map that illustrates who they are and the steps each client takes as they move from awareness to interest through to desire and conversion, before becoming advocates for your brand.

Customer Journey


Dynamic content allows you to adapt the information that is displayed to your audience when an email campaign goes out. As we collect more information about your readers our team will develop dynamic content strategies to help personalize each readers experience. This can also be viewed as target marketing, but is housed inside the content that triggers and chages based on who is reading.

Dynamic Content


Email marketing has evolved over the years and no longer relies on a single email. Our team will help implement an automated multi-level approach that creates a series of emails for each campaign. Your customers will go through a customized experience based on their engagement with each campaign and only see more of the information they are interested in. Creating a more personal experience and helping turn interested prospects into paying customers.

Email Marketing

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Paul Bergman

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Program Director

Owner of Promo Supply Network with 15 years of experience in the Promotional sector.


Cade Lucas

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Graphic Design

Owner of Cade Lucas Design with over 20 years of experience including 7 years of graphic design for Foxtel.


Briana Gray

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Owner of Mason Street Productions with over 12 years of experience including 7 years shooting for Levis.


Tracy Day

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Market Profiling

Tracy is a semi-retired process engineer and statistician. She has a passion for data research and analysis.