Ever Wish You Could Just Hit Auto Pilot?

Staying top of mind is important, but posting on social media every week, along with sending out monthly EDMs can be overwhelming. So let our team help! We have two automated options to help ensure you stay connected to your clients.  Simply choose your four favourite suppliers and let our team do the rest!

Our Automated Social Media Plan:

This plan automatically posts on three of your Social Media platforms, up to three times each week. We use a cloud based platform to access your accounts, and once you sign up you will be prompted to authorize Promo Supply Network for posting across three of your Social Media platforms (choose between: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter). Once our team has access we follow a very simple process to schedule your posts.



Our team watches your four

supplier's posts every day



End user friendly posts are located and text content is reviewed


Completed posts are uploaded

to your social media

When you sign up you'll choose your four favourite suppliers and they will be placed in priority (number one being the highest). Posts will then be located and adjusted as necessary. Our team will remove references to the supplier, pricing, item numbers, and any other information or links that are not "end user friendly." Once a post has been copied and adjusted it will be scheduled onto your three chosen social media accounts within 24 hours. Each day the process repeats until you have three posts for the week (a post copied across three platforms only counts as one post), at which point new posts will be scheduled into future weeks and/or bypassed until a new week starts. View Frequently Asked Questions Here.

Our Automated Email Marketing Plan:

This plan automatically assembles a monthly EDM for your clients. Our team will watch your top four suppliers to see what new products are being released (or products will be chosen from any "New Product" categories on corresponding supplier websites). Two products from each supplier will be featured in your EDM each month (eight products total). Featured products will include an image and the item's description. If you would like to explore more substantial EDMs you can review our Create Option.


When you sign up you'll choose your four favourite suppliers and our team will help create a template for all of your future EDMs. Templates will include your logo, three web links of your choosing, contact information, and links to your social media accounts. You will have the option to have your EDM be auto-scheduled or placed in your account for your review and/or manual sending. This service is only available for distributors that are using Mailchimp. You can open an account for free, Click Here to Sign Up.


Once activated, Promo Supply Network will send an authorization request that must be approved before any EDMs can be sent out. This plan does not have a free trial option due to the requirement of templates being made, but, You Can View a Sample EDM Here.

Are You Ready to "Set It & Forget It?"

  • Social Media

    Every month
    Automatic Social Media Posting
     7 day free trial
    • Posting Across Three Social Platforms
    • Choose Your Top Four Suppliers
    • Up To Three Posts Per Week
    • *Requires Social Accounts
    • Excludes GST (Billed in AUD)
  • Email Marketing

    Every month
    Automatic Monthly EDM
    • New Product EDM Sent Monthly
    • Choose Your Top Four Suppliers
    • EDM Will Feature Two New Products From Each Supplier
    • *Requires Mailchimp
    • Excludes GST (Billed in AUD)

Automated programs auto renew each month, until cancelled. If you have selected a free trial, the first billing will occur when the free trial completes. To cancel a free trial or automated program please click the link below: